The Future: Digital Ownership

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Our Journey: Where we've been

Two years ago  today, we set out to build a vision of the future that bridged blockchain systems into existing e-commerce platforms. We wanted to create a new category of product that was digital by nature but was unique in the sense that it could be owned by a customer and taken with them throughout their digital experience online.

The idea was simple: as consumers spend more and more time online, brands will need to shift their product offerings to meet that change in consumer behavior. If your target market lives online, you are missing out by not giving them something they can use and engage with on the internet. So we set out to do just that and chose to leverage digital products at the core of what we built.

Our Mission: Where we're going

This new iteration of e-commerce will bring together brands that never even knew one another existed. Enabling ownership and connection. The next generation of digital products will bring about new channels of monetization, customer engagement, and loyalty. They will be built on the back of actual technology that is far more environmentally friendly and scalable.

Users will be able to flex their digital products on their socials and find friends whose wallets look the exact same, they will be able to connect their products to new brands so they can get accurate sizing information and more personalized offers, and they can connect digital products in the real world to turn an online product into a ticket for an event.

The goal is to create a product that can be directly integrated into a customer's online experience. The more they can use that product via these connections, the more valuable it is.

Our Founding Team

Jared Mintzlaff


David Ruttenberg

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

Jonny Gordon

Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships

Vidya Jwala

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

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