How to withdraw your NFT from Nifty Bridge wallet

To withdraw your NFT from your Nifty Bridge wallet you will first need to make sure you purchase Polygon/Matic which you can do so here or at any exchange that sells MATIC.

Then follow these steps to withdraw:

  1. Send at least .5 MATIC to your Nifty Bridge wallet address. You can find your NIfty wallet address by copying it in the top right of your screen.
  1. Once you have sent this wallet address at least .5 MATIC, you can now withdraw any NFT. Simply select the NFT to withdraw by clicking the three small dots on the NFT
  1. Then select withdraw NFT and paste the wallet address of where you want to send the NFT. If you see “Not enough balance” that means you have not transferred enough MATIC from step 1.
  1. Then select Sign to approve the transfer
  2. Congrats you have withdrawn your NFT!