How to sell your digital products on OpenSea

Nifty Bridge’s email based wallet does not currently support selling directly on OpenSea. We have plans to launch this feature shortly, but in the meantime, you will need to export the wallet into one that supports OpenSea.

The easiest wallet to export to is MetaMask. To export your Nifty Bridge wallet, tap the drop down menu on the top right and select “Export Wallet”. From there, copy the private key somewhere safe and make sure not to share with anyone.

**Please Note: In order to maintain your wallet’s security, we recommend deleting your Nifty Bridge wallet once you successfully import the wallet into MetaMask. Also remember to save your private key in case you uninstall MetaMask or lose your wallet login.

After saving your private key, head over to MetaMask’s website to download the browser extension or mobile app. Once you proceed through the wallet setup, navigate to your accounts view and select “import account”.

Then enter your private key from Nifty Bridge and complete the import process.

Once the import is complete, head over to OpenSea and connect your new MetaMask wallet by selecting the wallet icon in the top right corner.

After connection is complete, navigate to the “Profile” section and you will be able to see your NFTs.

*Please Note: Some NFTs will be “hidden” by default. To unhide these NFTs, navigate to the “hidden” section and select “unhide” and then hit "save".