How to connect your Nifty Bridge wallet to OpenSea and trade your collectibles

Once you have claimed your NFT collectible you can now connect to OpenSea to trade or list for sale. If you used an external wallet during the claim process (metamask, coinbase, or other third-party wallet) you can follow this guide. Make sure you do this on a desktop or laptop computer.

***Make sure you have Polygon/MATIC loaded on your wallet before you sell it! You can buy some and transfer to your wallet here

  1. Make sure the collectible is showing in your wallet

Login to your wallet at and ensure your collectible is showing up. If you do not see your collectible make sure you used the same email to login that you used to claim the collectible. Once you see the collectible is showing continue to step 2.

  1. VIsit Opensea and click the “Login” button in the top right

Make sure you are on a laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Click on “WalletConnect” option
  1. Select the copy button in the top right

This will copy the WalletConnect address which you will use to paste into your Nifty wallet.

  1. Navigate to you NIfty Bridge wallet and select account settings
  1. Select the “connect to walletconnect”
  1. Paste the value from step 4
  1. Approve request to connect
  1. Sign the message by clicking “Sign”
  1. Navigate back to OpenSea and select your profile
  1. Once you are in your profile you should see your NFT. If you don’t see it, it may be hidden by default. To unhide it, navigate to the “More” section and select “Hidden”

Sometimes OpenSea will hide NFTs so that you can manually choose what NFTs you want to view or sell.

  1. Select the three small dots next to your NFT and click “Unhide”
  1. You should now see your NFT in your account!
  2. To list your NFT for sale simply select the three small dots again and choose “List for Sale”

  1. Approve the collection for sale by navigating back to your Nifty Bridge wallet account (You will need to load you wallet with Polygon before doing this!) The best way to load your wallet is by buying some on an exchange like MoonPay
  1. Congrats your NFT is now listed for sale!