How digital product orders work in Nifty Bridge

Nifty Bridge allows for the automatic transfer of digital products to your customer’s wallets without any additional work. A transfer occurs by changing the owner of the product on the blockchain to your customer’s personal wallet address. Each order will be stored in the “Orders” section of Nifty Bridge and can be tracked on our reporting dashboard as well.

Different order statuses

Each order will have several attributes and statuses associated to it.

  1. All: This status shows all of your orders
  2. Transferred: This status shows all orders that have been successfully transferred to the customer’s wallet.
  3. Pending: This status shows orders that have purchased the product but have not yet claimed it and entered their wallet address. If an order is stuck in pending for more than a few days, it may be advisable to send them a reminder email to claim the product. If an product goes unclaimed, it will remain in wallet storage until transferred.
  4. Failed: If the wallet address was entered incorrectly, was unsupported, or the transfer process failed, the order will be moved to “failed”. Our system will retry a few times after initial failure to see if the error was on the blockchain. If it still does not transfer, you will need to reach out to the customer to confirm the correct wallet address was used.

Shopify order creation

After a successful transfer, Nifty Bridge will update the Shopify order to include the wallet address of the customer. We will also generate a Shopify transaction link to track the purchase inside of Shopify.