Email and SMS notifications for transfer and transfer completion

Nifty Bridge supports both email and sms and sends out two separate notifications for all product purchases. If the customer checks out using their phone number, they will be sent sms notifications. If the customer checks out using their email, they will be sent email notifications.

Product claim notification

The claim email is used to allow for customers to transfer their purchased product into their wallet. You can leverage several dynamic variables to pull in various order and product information (email notifications only).

*PLEASE NOTE: The email must contain the dynamic field <%= linkAddAddress %> for the product claim process to work properly. This field should be kept the same if you choose to edit the default notification settings.

Product transfer notification

The transfer email/sms is used to notify customers when their product has been successfully transferred into their wallet. If the product is on Polygon, this process should take no more than a few seconds. However, if the product is minted on Ethereum, this process can take up to a few hours depending on how much traffic the network is experiencing. There are no required fields for this template and you can include any of the dynamic variables listed on the right side of the template editor (email notifications only).

**By default, the transfer notification includes the contract address and token ID of the product to allow for your customers to import the NFT into MetaMask (only applicable if minted on Polygon).