Choosing when to collect wallet information

Nifty Bridge allows for you to collect wallet information both before and after the purchase of NFTs.

Collecting wallet information before purchase

If your store sells both physical and digital goods alongside each other. It may be advisable to collect wallet information before purchase to avoid customer confusion on whether they are buying an NFT or a physical good.

Nifty Bridge allows you to collect wallet information before purchase using our built in wallet pop up feature. This feature will create a pop up window when an NFT product is added to cart which will require the customer to connect to their wallet or enter wallet address. The customer cannot checkout if the wallet address is not entered.

To turn on the pop up, navigate to the “Settings” tab and check the box that says

“Popup active” half way down the page. After the box is checked, scroll to the bottom and hit the “Save changes” button.

Collecting wallet information after purchase

This is the default and preferred method in most cases to collect wallet information. This method reduces friction and allows your customers to buy NFTs without bothering to collect wallet information up front. If the majority of your customer base is not familiar with crypto or does not have a wallet, this option is advised as well.

In order to collect wallet information after purchase, customer’s will receive an “NFT claim email” (see above) once the payment goes through successfully. This claim email will ask the customer to either onboard a wallet or use an existing one. For more information on creating custom email templates please see here.