The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Social Media Content: A Conversation with Bryant Knight, President & COO at Malbon Golf

Jared Mintzlaff

September 20, 2023

Have You Ever Felt "Stuck" on Social Media?

Creating compelling social media content is a struggle many marketers and eCommerce founders face. Perhaps you're short on ideas, or maybe you're questioning if your existing content truly resonates with your audience.

If you find yourself battling these challenges, then this blog post is tailor-made for you. I recently sat down with Bryant Knight, President & COO of Malbon Golf, to extract his stories and tips from his extensive experience in creating crowd-pulling content during our latest podcast, Magnetic.

Who Is Bryant Knight?

Bryant is a trailblazer in the world of golf and social media. Taking the helm at Malbon Golf, he's masterfully redefined the landscape of golf-related content. Eschewing the rigid traditions that characterize the sport, he's made golf not just an activity but a lifestyle.

The numbers don't lie: with their unique approach, Malbon Golf has amassed a fiercely loyal community and seen unprecedented growth in customer engagement.

Why Malbon Golf Stands Out

One of the secrets behind Malbon Golf’s remarkable growth is their ability to think outside the traditional golfing box. Rather than focusing solely on selling products, they've created an ecosystem around the game. They feature stories on golfers with fascinating backstories and showcase unique golf courses worldwide. They combine lifestyle sports like fishing or skateboarding with golf. And they have incredible music in their ads.

If you want to go beyond this blog post and gain even deeper insights, tune into our full-length podcast interview with Bryant Knight:

Creating Super Engaging Content

"My YouTube has been getting slammed with Malbon Golf ads and the music is incredible. It makes you feel good and like you want to get out on a golf course and hang with your buddies." - Jared Mintzlaff

The Essence of Emotion in Content

Before crafting your posts, identify the core emotion you wish to evoke from your audience. At Malbon, they've zeroed in on creating a sense of community and good vibes.

Tip: Use Music and Visuals Effectively

Music can heighten emotions, and striking visuals can capture attention. If you're creating video content, take the time to select soundtracks that elevate your message. Experiment with filters and graphics to ensure your visuals resonate with the emotions you're aiming for.

The "Not-So-Typical" Golf Content

"All of our content has a fun feel to it. It's a little bit different." - Bryant Knight

Traditions exist, but they shouldn't limit you. Malbon Golf has broken away from staid golf content by incorporating lifestyle elements like music, fashion, and even food into their posts.

Feature Unrelated Interests

Think about what other interests your audience may have outside of your core product or service. By featuring these interests, you're expanding your content palette and providing a fuller lifestyle experience.

The Story-Driven Approach

"It's like, okay, how can we tell a story through this collection?" - Bryant Knight

Rather than just showcase products, Malbon always tells a story. For example, they might tie a new line of clothing to the story of a particular golfer, capturing the essence of his journey within the sport.

Sequence your Posts to Create a Narrative

Consider publishing your content in a sequence that tells a story over time. Each post becomes a chapter that followers can anticipate, making them more likely to stay engaged.

Mix It Up: Different Content Types for Different Platforms

Diversification is key. Some platforms are more suited to long-form content, while others excel with short-form videos or photos. Each platform has its set of best practices and audience expectations.

Experiment and Adapt

Always be willing to adapt and evolve your strategy based on metrics and user feedback. Take calculated risks with your content to find out what truly resonates with your audience.

Fostering Personal Connections

Scaling Personal Touch in a Growing Brand

"For brands that are growing, that have a lot of people, how can you still foster those kind of personal connections?" - Jared Mintzlaff

Leverage Direct Messaging

Don't underestimate the power of DMs. Reach out to followers to thank them for engaging with your posts or to share exclusive content.

Keep it Real: Human Responses

Automated messages can be a turn-off. Malbon believes that personal responses create authentic connections. It may sound like a lot of work, but it always goes a long way to have a real human correspond with customers over DMs and service requests.

Automated customer service has its place, but nothing beats the human touch. Make sure to maintain an online presence where actual people manage your social media accounts.

Host Live Q&A Sessions

Hosting live Q&A sessions can give your audience a chance to interact directly with the team behind the brand. This can not only increase engagement but also build trust.

Social Listening

Use social listening tools to keep track of brand mentions and customer feedback. It’s a great way to maintain the personal connections that helped you grow in the first place.

Social listening is not just about monitoring mentions; it’s about understanding the broader conversation around your brand and industry.

Use Social Listening for Product Development

Feedback can be gold. Use insights gained from social listening to inform new product developments or improvements.

Leaning into User-Generated Content (UGC)

Encourage Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Real voices bring authenticity. Feature customer testimonials and reviews prominently in your content strategy.

Create a Testimonial Submission Portal

Make it easy for customers to submit their testimonials or reviews. Consider offering small incentives for those who take the time to contribute.

Showcase Real People: Form Videos and Live Streams

Leverage short-form videos and live streams to showcase real customers using your products. This not only enhances content quality but also fosters a sense of community.

Plus, when potential new customers see current customers on your accounts, they might think, “damn, I want to be featured next!”

Regularly Feature a "Customer of the Week"

Consider creating a "Customer of the Week" feature where you spotlight a different customer's story and experience with your brand.

Hashtags: The New Customer Service

Unique hashtags can serve as a rallying point for your community. They also make it easier to discover and repost user-generated content.

Seasonal or Event-Based Hashtags

Don't just stick to one or two generic hashtags. Create seasonal or event-specific hashtags to bring excitement and novelty to your campaigns.

Analytics: Measuring Your Impact

You can't manage what you can't measure. Always keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement rates, follower counts, and ROI on paid campaigns.

Use UTM Parameters for In-Depth Tracking

Utilize UTM parameters to track the success of your social media campaigns more effectively, capturing data that can guide future efforts.

Final Thoughts: Your Social Media Content Strategy Blueprint

To create a high-impact social media presence, consider the emotional undertones, diversify your content, maintain personal connections, and encourage user contributions. Through a thoughtful approach, you'll not only gain customers but also brand ambassadors.

Implement these strategies step-by-step. Consistency is key to long-term success. For those who want an even deeper dive, don't forget to watch the full-length podcast and subscribe to our newsletter to receive these posts directly in your inbox every Wednesday.

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