The Spiderweb Effect: From Zero to 200K Followers with Alex Stark, Co-Founder and CMO of Ogee

Jared Mintzlaff

October 11, 2023

There are seemingly endless ways to grow on social media. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, blogs, podcasts… the list doesn't end.

Company's rarely see the growth that Ogee, a beauty brand, saw in its first six months.

The man behind its social media growth? Alex Stark, Co-Founder and CMO.

In just six months, Stark grew Ogee from ground zero to a whopping 200,000 followers.

How? Through the use of what he call's the "spiderweb effect."

For a deep dive, watch the full episode here!

The Foundation: What is the Spiderweb Effect?

Imagine casting a spiderweb – intricate, connected, and expansive.

Each thread represents an interaction or connection. Some threads might be thin and barely noticeable, while others are more robust.

Collectively, they create a powerful structure. That's precisely how Alex Stark envisioned Ogee's growth.

Stark claims it's been “the biggest builder of our organic social media platforms.”

The strategy focuses on building a vast network of loyal fans, emphasizing breadth and depth simultaneously.

Authenticity is Key: Giving Your Brand a Soul

In the era of polished content and curated feeds, Stark understood the value of raw authenticity. He says, "Your brand needs a soul and personality...stay true to your path."

In the beginning, even when their followers were sparse, Ogee persisted in posting genuine content.

This not only fostered trust but also made them stand out in the crowd.

Instead of hopping onto every trend, carve out your brand's voice. Authenticity can't be faked.

Consistency: The Backbone of Organic Growth

Growth doesn't happen overnight. Stark highlighted the importance of perseverance: "When we had very little followers... keep posting, even though it feels like no one's looking."

So, maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Even if engagement seems slow, consistency in content ensures that when the growth does hit, your brand is ready to cater to a larger audience.

Every post, every interaction adds a thread to your spiderweb.

Network, Network, Network

Stark underlined the significance of events, not just for the event's content, but more importantly, for the networking opportunities they present.

Attend industry events, webinars, and workshops!

The knowledge gained is a bonus, but the primary goal should be to foster connections.

Building a brand is as much about forging genuine connections as it is about selling a product.

Organic Growth Through Loyalty

Stark's emphasis was always on building organic platforms.

The Spiderweb effect isn’t about paid promotions or shallow connections. It's about fostering a community of genuine followers and brand enthusiasts.

Invest in community building and engage with followers through comments, polls, and direct messages.

Loyal fans not only stay with the brand but also become its ambassadors, recommending it to others and expanding the spiderweb naturally.

Alex Stark's journey with Ogee is not just a success story; it’s a class in organic growth.

By employing the Spiderweb effect, Ogee went from being a relatively unknown beauty brand to boasting a following of 200,000 in just six months.

Brands, big or small, can harness the power of the Spiderweb effect.

It requires patience, persistence, and a genuine commitment to building a community. As Alex Stark and Ogee have demonstrated, when done right, the results can be nothing short of phenomenal.

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