Shopify x Nifty Bridge

Jared Mintzlaff

We have worked quietly for the past 2 years building alongside Shopify's platform to create a new form of VIP and loyalty program that puts customers at the center and unlocks new forms of monetization and engagement.

Through the use of new Shopify features like token-eligibility and token gating, Nifty Bridge can bring merchants and customers closer than ever and cut through the noise of traditional inauthentic point systems.

"Shopify represents the foundation of almost all online shopping experiences. Our goal from the beginning was to create stronger connections between brands and customers and to do it in a way that felt native and intuitive to their existing experiences. That meant that our integration and partnership with Shopify would be the most important to our success in delivering on that goal." - Jared Mintzlaff, CEO of Nifty Bridge.

Through our collaboration with Shopify, we have had the privilege of working with prominent brands like Malbon Golf, Bettinardi, and many others.

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