“Loophole Marketing”: Unconventional Strategies for Brand Success, with Marissa Davis

Jared Mintzlaff

September 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the relentless pursuit of visibility and connection is of the utmost importance.

Picture a relentless innovator named Marissa Davis, an expert who has successfully navigated the intricate world of marketing with regulated industries like pornography and cannabis.

Think about it — in industries where the majority of traditional marketing and advertising methods are simply illegal, it’s crucial to think outside the box.

Marissa is our guiding star in this week’s episode of Magnetic about the unconventional approach called “loophole marketing,” a concept bound by innovation and strategic thinking.

The journey begins with an ordinary day about 15 years ago when Marissa starts advertising on Pornhub—a space considered taboo in the marketing sphere back then.

This seemingly daring and unique step was her first towards revolutionizing the way brands can effectively relate to their audience. Let’s break down how Marissa not only caught attention in unconventional and highly regulated spaces, but also transformed casual consumers into loyal fans.

Dive deep as we explore paradigm shifts in marketing strategies, discovering along the way the hidden gems Marissa unearthed in her ventures, and learn how in the world full of noise, she managed to create symphonies that resonate. Keep reading, as you may find the inspiration to transform your approach, innovate fearlessly, and maybe, find your own loopholes to success.

But first, be sure to catch the full episode here:

Unconventional Ad Spaces

Marissa Davis believes in exploiting unconventional ad spaces to steer away from traditional advertising methods, which she finds “useless.” Davis's method focuses on utilizing spaces on websites that do not yet exist, thereby creating an advertising realm that looks organic with the site.

“I don’t like ads that are for sale,” asserts Davis, emphasizing her penchant for advertising spaces that are untapped and innovative.

Davis's strategy is evident in her early endeavors of advertising on Pornhub around 15 years ago, leveraging unorthodox platforms before they became mainstream.

One of her favorite techniques was to blend banner ads with the website itself, matching their iconic black and orange color palette. That way, users don’t immediately notice that what they’re clicking on is, in fact, an ad from an external site.

"I don’t like ads that are for sale."

Turning Customers into Fans

Davis accentuates the significance of valuing customers to elevate them from mere customers to fans, citing the approach of her current company, Dr. Dabber, a renowned brand in the cannabis industry.

Valuing customers goes beyond mere communication; it stems from providing high-quality products that solve user problems effectively and serve their long-term needs.

Moreover, continuous engagement and communication with the customers about various events and initiatives foster customer relationships, making them feel valued and respected. This approach ensures that customers, regardless of being old or new, feel the love from the brand, creating a dedicated fan base and encouraging organic word-of-mouth marketing.

Davis stresses the importance of showing gratitude to the original customer base, emphasizing, "always show love to the OGs.”

Customer-Centric Approach

In every business aspect, prioritizing customer relationship management is crucial, as highlighted in Dr. Dabber's strategy. From product launches to event planning, keeping the customers in mind and making every initiative exciting and involving for them is pivotal in building lasting relationships. The brand's customer-centric approach in strategizing and decision-making serves as a catalyst in making the customers feel valued and appreciated.

The SEO Paradigm

While SEO is crucial for organic growth, it often gets overlooked by many brands, even big ones. Davis emphasizes the importance of consistency in SEO strategies. Even if it’s just two blog posts a week, being consistent can yield significant results over time, allowing brands to compete with giants they would never dream of competing with. SEO should be embedded in the business operations, ensuring a progressive climb in organic space.

Staying Updated with Trends

To leverage the full potential of loophole marketing, staying abreast of industry trends, competitor strategies, and global happenings is crucial.

Davis stresses the importance of earmarking time for research every week to stay updated. For instance, Dr. Dabber’s offer to Sha’Carri Richardson for a job as a product tester during her suspension period was a well-timed, strategic move that brought considerable exposure to the brand.

Such instances underscore the value of being well-informed and leveraging current events to create impactful marketing opportunities.

Loophole Marketing is not merely about finding gaps or quick wins; it is about innovation, staying informed, and putting customers at the forefront.

Marissa Davis’s marketing endeavors illustrate that thinking outside the box, utilizing unconventional ad spaces, valuing every customer, focusing on SEO, and staying updated with industry trends can propel brands to new heights.

These strategies not only serve to gain a competitive edge but also create a holistic, customer-centric approach that can turn customers into life-long fans. In the evolving market landscape, where consumer needs and trends are transient, implementing such unorthodox yet effective strategies can indeed mark the difference between a successful brand and a forgotten one.

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