How to Make ChatGPT Your Best Writer, A Guide with David Jaffin, CMO at OpenFortune

Jared Mintzlaff

October 18, 2023

Every marketer and salesperson today faces the uphill task of striking the right chord with their audience. You’ve probably played around with ChatGPT quite a bit to help with your sales and marketing copy. But have you turned ChatGPT into the best writer on your team?

We recently sat down with David Jaffin, the CMO of OpenFortune, to do a deep dive on how he did exactly that.

OpenFortune puts ads in fortune cookies. Pretty cool, right?

In many scenarios where they needed their voice and tone to shine, they started asking themselves, “What would Ryan, do?”

Ryan… as in Ryan Reynolds. He’s the epitome of gravitas and humor — the exact tone they were going for at OpenFortune.

But how does one replicate such a distinctive voice consistently? With ChatGPT.

Imagine having a writer at your disposal that doesn't just write but encapsulates your brand's voice and values perfectly.

A tool capable of reigniting stalled negotiations with perfectly crafted emails, overhauling your website copy to resonate with authenticity, and turning your sales presentations into captivating narratives.

David’s journey is more than just a success story; it's a playbook, chock-full of insights and actionable strategies. Let’s dive deeper, but first, catch this week’s episode of Magnetic right here:

Getting Started

By dedicating over 80 hours to fine-tune a tone of voice bot on ChatGPT, David didn't just find a writer; he found the voice of OpenFortune.

This metamorphosis was profound. David didn't just stop at crafting emails; he overhauled sales decks, presentations, and the brand’s website, infusing them with an identity that was modern, sleek, and dripping with personality.

Transforming Writing with ChatGPT and AI

Brand Voice Development:

Crafting a distinctive brand voice isn’t a luxury; it's a necessity. Dedicate time with ChatGPT to refine this voice. A lot of time, like 80+ hours.

Remember, perfection lies in iteration.

Resource: ChatGPT's Customization Guide is a treasure trove. Dive deep to sculpt your brand voice.

Revive Stalled Conversations:

Don't let potential deals slip away. Like David's colleague Ross, use ChatGPT to craft compelling messages that rekindle conversations and seal deals.

Tip: Feed ChatGPT with context. From previous conversations to desired outcomes, the more you share, the sharper the draft.

Deep Dive into AI Capabilities:

Skimming the surface won’t do. Invest time to truly grasp AI’s capabilities. Whether it's a day or a week, the ROI in terms of efficiency and effectiveness is priceless.

Resource: Courses on platforms like Coursera and Udacity offer deep dives into AI and its applications in marketing.

Efficiency through Automation:

AI’s prowess isn’t restricted to content creation. From auto-scheduling posts to parsing customer feedback, AI can revolutionize operations.

Tip: Use tools like Assembly for social media management and MonkeyLearn for AI-driven text analysis.

Seek Guidance:

AI is a vast ocean. If charting these waters seems daunting, bring onboard an expert navigator. They can pinpoint AI tools and strategies tailored for your brand.

Action: AI-focused forums like r/MachineLearning on Reddit can be gold mines for expert recommendations and insights.

Engaging Content Creation:

Beyond emails and presentations, ChatGPT can assist in creating engaging blog posts, social media updates, and more. Remember David’s Ryan-inspired tone? Your brand can have its unique spin too.

Resource: Platforms like Grammarly can work in tandem with ChatGPT, ensuring the content is not only engaging but also grammatically impeccable.

Feedback and Iteration:

Like any writer, ChatGPT improves with feedback. Regularly review and refine the outputs to align more closely with your brand's voice.

Tip: Organize monthly sessions where your team reviews AI-generated content. Collate feedback and iterate for better results.

AI in Sales and Marketing: Tactical Insights for the Forward-Thinking Professional

The transformative power of AI in sales and marketing isn’t just about making operations smoother; it's about reshaping strategies from the ground up for maximum efficacy. Here's a granular look:

Audience Segmentation with AI:

Beyond traditional demographics, AI algorithms can segment your audience based on behavior, interactions, and predicted future actions. This allows for ultra-personalized marketing campaigns.

Tip: Platforms like Optimizely offer robust AI-driven audience segmentation tools.

Predictive Analysis for Sales Forecasting:

Instead of relying on historical data alone, AI can predict future trends, helping you preempt market shifts and adjust strategies accordingly.

Resource: Tools such as IBM Watson Analytics offer powerful predictive insights.

Chatbots for Enhanced Customer Experience:

Chatbots, built on frameworks like ChatGPT, can engage users on your website 24/7, answer queries, and even guide them down the sales funnel. The days of static FAQs are over.

Action: Explore platforms like Tars to deploy interactive chatbots on your website.

Dynamic Pricing Strategies:

AI can analyze market demand, competitor prices, and other factors in real-time to adjust your pricing for maximum profitability and competitiveness.

Tip: Platforms such as Pricify can help you dynamically adjust prices based on AI insights.

Automated Content Curation:

AI can analyze audience interactions and preferences to curate content that resonates. Whether it's a weekly newsletter or social media posts, ensure maximum engagement with minimal effort.

Resource: Curata is an excellent tool for AI-driven content curation.

Enhanced Email Marketing with AI:

From optimizing send times to tweaking subject lines for higher open rates, AI can supercharge your email marketing efforts.

Action: Platforms like Phrasee utilize AI to optimize email content for better engagement.

Visual Recognition for Social Media:

AI algorithms can scan social media platforms for images related to your brand, even if they aren't tagged. This offers invaluable insights into how consumers interact with your products organically.

Tip: Services such as Google Cloud Vision offer robust visual recognition capabilities.

Refining Ad Campaigns in Real-Time:

Instead of waiting for a campaign to run its course, AI can make real-time adjustments based on performance data, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Resource: Platforms like Albert offer autonomous digital advertising solutions.

Piecing It All Together

Harnessing AI in sales and marketing isn’t about replacing the human touch but amplifying it. While AI can process data and predict trends, the strategic vision and brand essence remain human endeavors. The true magic happens when the best of both worlds come together in harmony.

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