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Nifty Bridge replaces one-dimensional reward systems with loyalty programs that revolve around experiences. Made for your biggest fans, it’s creating a more connected, collaborative, and rewarding future for everyone.

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Do more than discount codes and SMS campaigns. Give your fans ownership over their loyalty, so they can live and breathe your brand for real.

higher customer lifetime value
higher order value
more likely to refer a friend

Make rewards more rewarding.

Nifty Bridge is the platform behind a new era in customer loyalty, where brands can do better than transactional perks and points programs. A future that’s focused on building communities, not just mailing lists. A world where fans can access one-of-a-kind experiences – in-store, online, and everywhere they go.

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Reward your biggest advocates with authentic experiences– in-store, online, and everywhere they go.

With Nifty Bridge, your customers don’t just buy a product, they live it. From partnership perks to exclusive events, it lets you create an experience-led loyalty program that not only feels more authentically you, but is part of your customers’ everyday world.

Integrates with your existing tools and platforms

The world’s first digital country club.

Discover how Malbon tripled in size after launching its ownership program, Buckets Club.

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A game-changing sports drink.

Local Weather successfully built a dedicated community of over 1,800 members who actively supported the launch of their sports drink. This collaborative approach culminated in an exclusive launch where members were the first to receive the newly developed bottles

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Meet, mint and mix the SuiFrens.

Discover how SuiFrens leveraged their 200,000-strong community for a successful brand launch, featuring merch, collectibles, and plushies.

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How it works

Nifty Bridge extension install page

Step 1


Integrate the Nifty Bridge app with your existing e-commerce systems.

Settings page showing image upload and input fields

Step 2


Tailor your benefits and membership tiers in line with your brand strategy.

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Step 3


Start promoting your loyalty program and driving membership sign-ups.

Image showing register form

Step 1

Sign up

Your customers subscribe to their chosen membership via your website.

An image showing the apple wallet app

Step 2

Receive Apple Pass

Each member is sent a digital membership card to add to their Apple Wallet.

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Step 3

Access benefits

Your members enjoy exclusive perks in-store, online, and everywhere they go.

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Your questions answered

Nifty Bridge is a platform that integrates digital membership and loyalty programs with your business, using innovative technology to enhance customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Nifty Bridge seamlessly integrates with your existing e-commerce systems, allowing you to add digital membership capabilities without disrupting your current operations.

You can create various types of memberships, including VIP programs, loyalty clubs, and exclusive access groups, each with customizable benefits and levels.

Nifty Bridge provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can track customer interactions, membership sign-ups, and the effectiveness of your programs in real-time. Our integration with Klayvio helps you track every interaction in-store and online.

Yes, Nifty Bridge enables you to offer exclusive events, partner benefits, and cross-brand collaborations as part of your membership programs.

We prioritize data security and comply with industry standards to ensure your customers' information is protected and handled responsibly.

Yes, you can fully customize the design of your digital membership passes to align with your brand identity.

We offer comprehensive support, including technical assistance, best practices guides, and customer service to ensure you maximize the potential of your membership programs.

Getting started is simple. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll guide you through the setup process tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

See what customer loyalty is capable of

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